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Making rope coils

This tutorial is provided by Peta_V from forum.

First, you'll need a small jig which is very easy to build:
 2,3,5 are removable belaying pins from the kit and 1,4,6 are slots for securing the ends of the line.
  1. Secure the line in the slot 1 (upper right) and make several loops around pins 2 and 3. I do 4-6 loops so the coil does not look uniform. (start with pin 5 removed). Once finished with loops secure the other end in the slot 4 (bottom).
  2. Unsecure the line end from the slot 1 and pull out the very first loop through the middle of the coil.
  3. Now twist it to form a loop and secure it with pin 5
  4. Remove the pin 2 and fully insert the pin 5. Now you can adjust the coil as you want and once happy with how it looks secure the loose end to the slot t 6 (upper left).
  5. Now secure the coil with 3 drops of CA glue. One where the loop meets the coil, second one at the bottom of the coil and third one to secure the loose end to the coil. Remove the coil from the jig by removing pin 5 and trim the excess thread.
  6. Now place the coil on the belaying pin. You are done!

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  • Steve Probelski on

    I agree.
    The first wooden boat kit I built was from Crafty Sailor. It was a 8 oared ships boat, a beautiful little 1/72 scale kit in pear wood. I also appreciate the above tutorial, I will use it on my A.L. Swift.
    Thank you

  • Garth on
    Thanks for sharing those fine instructions and pictures .

    I’ll never wrap a coil any other way and they’ll all be uniform .

  • Rusty Scupper on

    It is refreshing to see a store site that goes the extra mile to add a jig corner to their site I find jigs to be delightful and time-saving.
    Thank you

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