We ship to the US and Canada!
We ship to the US and Canada!
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For Canadian Customers

Although we are located in Canada the majority of our customers are from the US and, for simplicity, we charge in US Dollars. However, we understand that this might not work for our Canadian customers who don't have US Dollar credit cards or don't want to pay exchange fees to banks for using Canadian credit cards.

Therefore, we offer the following option for our customers who wish to pay in Canadian dollars. You can select "Email Transfer (Canada only)" as a payment method during checkout and place the order. Once the order has been placed we will send you an email with the exact amount owing in Canadian dollars and instructions on how to pay for the order. The amount is calculated using the exact daily exchange rate from the Bank of Canada taken on the date the order is placed. Once your email transfer has been received by us we will ship the order to you.

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